Euro-Par 2023 | Friday 01 Sep, 2023 | International European Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing Friday 01 Sep, 2023Euro-par

Friday 01 Sep, 2023


Friday 01 Sep, 2023



09:00 – 10:00


Plenary Session Keynote 3

Jahna Otterbacher 

Session Chair: George A. Papadopoulos




10:00 – 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 – 12:30

Parallel Sessions

T06: HPC applications

Session Chair: Florina Ciorba



23 SWSPH: A Massively Parallel SPH Implementation for Hundred-Billion-Particle Simulation on New Sunway Supercomputer    
Ziyu Zhang, Junshi Chen, Zhanming Wang, Yifan Luo, Jineng Yao, Hong An and Shenghong Huang

161 Hercules: scalable and network portable in-memory ad-hoc file system for data-centric and high-performance applications    
Javier Garcia Blas, Genaro Sanchez-Gallegos, Cosmin Petre, Alberto Riccardo Martinelli, Marco Aldinucci and Jesus Carretero    

186 Optimizing Distributed Tensor Contractions using Node-Aware Processor Grids    
Andreas Irmler, Raghavendra Kanakagiri, Sebastian Ohlmann, Edgar Solomonik and Andreas Grüneis

110 FedCML: Federated Clustering Mutual Learning Framework with non-IID Data    
Zekai Chen, Fuyi Wang, Shengxing Yu, Ximeng Liu and Zhiwei Zheng    

T02: Resource management in the Cloud-Edge continuum

Session Chair: Gianluca Mittone



136 Geofence-Based Service Discovery in the Computing Continuum 
Kurt Horvath, Dragi Kimovski, Christoph Uran, Helmut Wöllik and Radu Prodan

218 Assessing power needs to run a workload with quality of service on green datacenters        
Louis-Claude Canon, Damien Landré, Laurent Philippe, Jean-Marc Pierson and Paul Renaud-Goud

145 SparkEdgeEmu: An Emulation Framework for Edge-enabled Apache Spark Deployments    
Moysis Symeonides, Demetris Trihinas, George Pallis and Marios D. Dikaiakos

42 MetaLive: Meta-Reinforcement Learning Based Collective Bitrate Adaptation for Multi-Party Live Streaming    
Yi Yang, Xiang Li, Yeting Xu, Wenzhong Li, Jiangyi Hu, Taishan Xu, Xiancheng Ren and Sanglu Lu    MetaLive: 

12:30 – 14:00


14:00 – 15:30

Parallel Sessions

T03: Architectures and Accelerators (1)

Session Chair: Jesus Carretero Perez



69 Lock-free Bucketized Cuckoo Hashing    
Wenhai Li, Zhiling Cheng, Yuan Chen, Ao Li and Lingfeng Deng   

49 A Multi-level Parallel Integer/Floating-Point Arithmetic Architecture for Deep Learning Instructions
Hongbing Tan, Jing Zhang, Libo Huang, Xiaowei He, Dezun Dong, Yongwen Wang and Liquan Xiao

185 Computational Storage for an Energy-Efficient Deep Neural Network Training System    

Shiju Li, Kevin Tang, Jin Lim, Chul-Ho Lee and Jongryool Kim


T06:  Various

Session Chair: Moysis Symeonides



35 Transactional-Turn Causal Consistency    
Benoît Martin, Laurent Prosperi and Marc Shapiro

197 Parallel Cholesky Factorization for Banded Matrices using OpenMP Tasks    
Felix Liu, Albin Fredriksson and Stefano Markidis

155 Efficient Concurrent Transaction Execution Framework for Blockchains 
Manaswini Piduguralla, Saheli Chakraborty, Anjana Parwat Singh and Sathya Peri



15:30 – 16:00

Coffee Break

16:00 – 17:30

Parallel Sessions


T03: Architectures and Accelerators (2)

Session Chair: Leonel Sousa



18 Improving Utilization of Dataflow Architectures through Software and Hardware Co-Design    
Fan Zhihua, Wenming Li, Shengzhong Tang, Xuejun An, Xiaochun Ye and Dongrui Fan 

144 BitHist: A Precision-Scalable Sparse-Awareness DNN Accelerator Based on Bit Slices Products Histogram
Zhaoteng Meng, Long Xiao, Xiaoyao Gao, Lin Shu and Jie Hao

T04: Data Analytics and AI

Session Chair: Krzysztof Rzadca



90 Model-Agnostic Federated Learning    

Gianluca Mittone, Walter Riviera, Iacopo Colonnelli, Robert Birke and Marco Aldinucci 

76 Auto-Divide GNN: Accelerating GNN Training with Subgraph Division    

Hongyu Chen, Zhejiang Ran, Keshi Ge, Zhiquan Lai, Jingfei Jiang and Dongsheng Li

43 FedGM: Heterogeneous Federated Learning via Generative Learning and Mutual Distillation    

Chao Peng, Yiming Guo, Yao Chen, Qilin Rui, Zhengfeng Yang and Chenyang Xu