Euro-Par 2023 | T04 (A) | International European Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing T04 (A)Euro-par

T04: Track 4: Computational Science

T04: Track 4: Computational Science

91 Scalable Random Forest with Data-Parallel Computin

Fernando Vázquez-Novoa, Javier Conejero, Cristian Tatu and Rosa M. Badia

140 SymED: Adaptive and Online Symbolic Representation of Data on the Edge       

Daniel Hofstätter, Shashikant Ilager, Ivan Lujic and Ivona Brandic

66 DeTAR: A Decision Tree-based Adaptive Routing in Networks-on-Chip                          

Xiaoyun Zhang, Yaohua Wang, Dezun Dong, Cunlu Li, Shaocong Wang and Liquan Xiao