Euro-Par 2023 | T01 | International European Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing T01Euro-par

T01: Programming, Compilers and Performance

T01: Programming, Compilers, And Performance

176    Extending OpenSHMEM with Aggregation Support for Improved Message Rate Performance

Aaron Welch, Oscar Hernandez and Stephen Poole

204    Fault-Aware Group-Collective Communication Creation and Repair in MPI

Roberto Rocco and Gianluca Palerm

87   perun: Benchmarking Energy Consumption of High-performance Computing Applications

Juan Pedro Gutiérrez Hermosillo Muriedas, Katharina Flügel, Charlotte Debus, Holger Obermaier, Achim Streit and Markus Götz        

82    DIPPM: a Deep Learning Inference Performance Predictive Model using Graph Neural Networks

Karthick Panner Selvam and Mats Brorsson