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T02: Resource management in the Cloud-Edge continuum

T02: Resource management in the Cloud-Edge continuum

136 Geofence-Based Service Discovery in the Computing Continuum 
Kurt Horvath, Dragi Kimovski, Christoph Uran, Helmut Wöllik and Radu Prodan

218 Assessing power needs to run a workload with quality of service on green datacenters        
Louis-Claude Canon, Damien Landré, Laurent Philippe, Jean-Marc Pierson and Paul Renaud-Goud

145 SparkEdgeEmu: An Emulation Framework for Edge-enabled Apache Spark Deployments    
Moysis Symeonides, Demetris Trihinas, George Pallis and Marios D. Dikaiakos

42 MetaLive: Meta-Reinforcement Learning Based Collective Bitrate Adaptation for Multi-Party Live Streaming    
Yi Yang, Xiang Li, Yeting Xu, Wenzhong Li, Jiangyi Hu, Taishan Xu, Xiancheng Ren and Sanglu Lu    MetaLive: