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Candidates for Best Paper Award

Candidates for Best Paper Award

213 MMExit: Enabling Fast and Efficient Multi-modal DNN Inference with Adaptive Network Exits 
Xiaofeng Hou, Jiacheng Liu, Xuehan Tang, Chao Li, Kwang-Ting Cheng, Li Li and Minyi Guo

25 Optimizing Data Movement for GPU-Based In-Situ Workflow Using GPUDirect RDMA 
Bo Zhang, Philip E Davis, Nicolas Morales, Zhao Zhang, Keita Teranishi and Manish Parashar

89 Distributed k-Means with Outliers in General Metrics    
Enrico Dandolo, Andrea Pietracaprina and Geppino Pucci

173 An efficient parallel adaptive GMG solver for large-scale Stokes problems
S. Saberi, G. Meschke and A. Vogel